Dear Creatives,

We would like to invite you to our first quarterly songwriting camp in London, November 26th.

For the first time since our inception in 2018, we are bringing artists together with our extremely talented network of producers for an all-expenses paid studio session.  This is a unique opportunity to network and make music with talented creatives outside of your circle!

Some of the best music is made when creative people come together to collaborate in a comfortable and safe environment. We wanted to create this space for the tremendously inspired and talented creatives surrounding us to collaborate as we have heard countless times that such opportunities are regrettably few and far between.

We have always believed in creating a platform of new opportunities for emerging creatives in London, and beyond, and these album camps are the next initiative that will allow our collective to get a step closer to achieving this goal.

The music created at the camps will have multiple uses: 


  • In preparation for our upcoming compilation album, we’re hoping to create tracks for a group project that will display the work of a wide range of artists and creatives. Projects are scheduled to be released starting in the summer of 2023 - more information can be provided, just ask! 

  • We are also working closely with publishers that focus on sync and brand placements across various industries, and records that have sync potential will be passed on to said publishers. 

  • All parties involved in a record will have a say with what is done with the track before any decisions are made.

  • All demos that need further work can be completed at a later date in our new studio based in Soho.

As spaces are finite, and this is a personal invitation, please inquire before extending the invitation to others.  We hope to see many of you there on November 26th.

BPM Music Collective